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Amrutwel global school

Amrutwel Global School

School Rules & Regulations

1. Students are answerable to the School Authorities for their conduct both in and outside school. Hence, misbehavior in the school bus, on the street and in public place justifies dismissal.
2. When students move along the corridor/ move up and down the stairs for change of classes, they must walk in SILENCE and in a single line. They should always keep to the LEFT.
3. Personal hygiene and cleanliness must be maintained by the student. Hair must be well groomed. It must be cut short in case of boys and neatly tied up in case of girls.
4. The uniform must conform to the school model. If the children attend school without full uniform to the school model. If the children attend school without full uniform they are liable to be sent home at their own risk.
5. Books sent home must be treated with care, otherwise they will not be sent a second time.
6. All should feel and take pride in keeping their school premises clean.
7. Students will not be allowed to leave during school hours. Half day will not be granted. In case of emergency, students leaving the premises of the school during the course of the day will have to take written permission from the principal, failing which they will invite disciplinary action.
8. When writing any grievance letter to the principal, parents are requested to mention the name of the child, standard and division in, which their child is studying. They are requested to inform the school immediately, about a change of address or telephone numbers.
9. Students should not bring mobile phones, I-pods, DVD, CD, Discman and similar gadgets to the school. The Gadgets if brought will lead to confiscation.
10. Students need to take care to preserve and protect the classroom and school property. The Parent/Guardian shall compensate for any damage/ loss caused by their children.
11. If the teacher has called a Parent/Guardian for discussion concerning the child they need to respond promptly and personally. Parents/Guardians are required to come to the meeting personally and not send anyone also to represent them.
12. Parents/Guardians are expected to Co-operate with the school authorities by enforcing regularity and discipline.
13. The school does not accept responsibility for lost of books, pen, money and other valuables.
14. No child is to be take leave on test/ examination days. If a child is absent for class test/examinations, No RETEST will be given under any circumstances and request will be entertained and the child will be marked absent.
15. All students are required to be present on both the LAST WORKING DAY, prior to vacation, as well as on the RE-OPENING DAY, after a vacation.